Tuesday, September 12, 2017

FT-817 Li-PO

Recently I bought a second hand Yaesu FT817ND for good price. The unit still in good condition, cosmetic and performance. Few minor things is, no handmic supplied and no DC charger supplied. Not a big deal at all, after all I've been eyeing for this QRP rig years ago.

I thought the radio internally fitted with standard FNB-72 NiCD 9.6V 1000mAh battery, until I decided to check it before charging it with homemade cable. Surprisingly the previous owner changed the standard battery with after market battery, it's Wincamp WLB-817s Lithium Polymer 12V 3000mAh.

As for my little knowledge, LiPo battery required a special charger and the internally build in charger in FT817ND wouldn't handle the charging nicely. It can charge ( I tried it twice ) but I'm not pretty happy with the result. (Maybe just a bad feeling 😋)

Then I 'Googled' around Ebay and find out the manufacturer do sell the cover for charging, but I still need a suitable AC adaptor for it. While digging around, I find out that with my little skill I may built a simple port and switch for charging purpose.

The only thing prevented me during that time is to find a suitable connector ( male and female ), I don't want to cut the original wiring. Luckily my friend 9M2OOO visit the Japan Ham Fair and with his help, he help me to bought the pre-made cable with connector. My project is ON again!

Spend an evening drilling the holes and glued the connector and switch, and putting is together for first charging from bottom cover. Let's pray it won't smoke out! 😂😂😂😂

Friday, June 17, 2016

9M2RDX, respectable man...

It was a great lost to our ham community in Malaysia, on June 12, 2016, Mohd Rizal Mahmud 9M2RDX who's also KC3DQS  has passed away. He was well known in Malaysian ham radio community and as well as neighboring country. In his life, he contribute a lot to the scout activities, ham radio events and charity works.

I knew him since 2008, his callsign during that time is 9W2RZL, our first outing is ILLW                   (International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend). I just started the hobby, and waiting for my RAE result during that time. We learnt a lot of things, although Rizal is few years ahead in this hobby from me, he always willing to teach me about ham radio. He made a write up about the event,  I'm in the white shirt.

We become closer, meet up quite regularly, although his base station is about 90miles  (2 hours driving ) from Kuala Lumpur, I seen him a lot in any ham radio or scout activities if it's held in Kuala Lumpur. The following years, there's a lot of ham radio activities around the Malaysia, if I can remember we also went to Kuala Kubu Baru for outing. In 2013 once again we gather up and make a historical journey to the One Fathom Bank's Lighthouse in the middle Straits of Mallaca. We gained a lot of experiences and memories, my buddy Hans (9W2SBD/ K3HAN) made a great video about our trip. And again, I'm sitting next to him in the video.

His involvement to ham radio is just on on HF, we have a special interest group in Malaysia, called MyAPRS Group. We're small but strong community, Rizal also give us a good support. His contributions to MyAPRS is a lot, not just ringgits and cents, but also involving setting up his own      Internet Gateway for APRS and fill-in digipeater in his area. MyAPRS made few activities, and he's among the first to get registered.

He's also our (9M2SE) QSL manager. He handled the incoming and outgoing QSL cards for the team. he never ask for any returns or money. He spends his time accordingly to handle the task, and never complaint.

Me and Rizal also belong to the 9M2M contest station in Arau, lead by Harry (9M2GET). We are group of 13 crew members, 9M2GET, 9M2OUT, 9M2SYA, 9M2AGC, 9M2NOH, 9M2RDX, 9M2ZAK, 9M2MDX, 9W2SBL, 9W2SBD, 9W2AHU, my self and latest addition 9M2PUL.
Rizal also set up his own DX-pedition team especially to promote the ham radio activities among the locals in his area. His team, made few expeditions in promoting the islands in Pahang.

Rizal, in my perspective view is, a person in his life never say no, and very humble, nicely spoken, easy to get along, such a helpful, and a great friend to have. In his life, he documented well his involvement in ham radio in to his blog. Please go through the journey of his life, and you'll be amazed of what he contributed to.

We've a lost a great friend, a father, a husband, a scout, a DXer, a ham radio operator, a family of 9M2M. You'll always be in our hearts and thoughts. May your soul rest in peace, Rizal.

Ham radio operators around the world share their thought in our 9M2SE page.

Piju 9M2PJU made a memorable video of Rizal's life.

From the


STEPHEN: Hams in Malaysia associate the callsign 9M2RDX with a top DXer, a mentor, a friend. This month, however, he became a Silent Key. Here's Newsline's Jason Daniels, VK2LAW, with more.

JASON's REPORT: Members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters Society are grieving the loss of Mohd Rizal Mahmud, 9M2RDX, who became a Silent Key on the 12th of June in a Malaysian hospital. The award-winning DXer was a noted contester and beloved Elmer who was also active in Scouting. Since becoming licensed in 2006, he filled his life with amateur-radio activities.

His friend, Piju 9M2PJU, who notified Amateur Radio Newsline of Rizal's death, described him as QUOTE "a great man, down to earth, humble. A motivated and dedicated QSL manager. Also a Scout leader. A great motivator [who] used to hold ham radio introduction classes and [was] involved in emergency communications. He helped his local ham radio community and also our national ham radio club." 

A hospital medical assistant by profession, he was described by his friend Piju as a "kind and helpful guy." As seen on his profile page on QRZ, he was also unfliching in his love of amateur radio. The very bottom of his biography page displays this sentiment: "Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. DX." 

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jason Daniels, VK2LAW. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

From hobby become paid job

Barrett 2050 in Asajaya, Sarawak during my trip.

It's almost a year since I leave my previous job as automotive and wiring repairer and hop into this job. It's like a dream comes true, even though leaving the previous job is quite hard, but I managed to deal with it.

The company, Tactical Communications Sdn,Bhd. (Tacticom) is specialized in HF communications in this country. Tacticom was established in 2009 and mainly focusing on HF communication for government and also commercial sector. We supply and maintaining the Malaysian Civil Defense (JPAM) on HF communication assets, Malaysian Airlines and Malindo Airlines for their respective flight management HF communications. If you been in KLIA, have a look at the MAS Flight Management Building (FMB), there's a 60 foot tower with huge log periodic antenna boosting around 1kW.

While for the JPAM, their assets is throughout Malaysia, I've visited all the base stations, checking their mobiles set and manpacks to ensure it is in good and running condition. The JPAM is using Barrett 2050 for their base and mobile (with roof rack loop antenna), and for manpacks they were using Barrett 2040 and PRC 2090.

I'll look for time to write down about this radio, my journeys and as well as other products that I handle and get a chance to play around with. There's a big different between amateurs, commercial and military radios although the basic principal is the same.

CODAN 2110m Full Options
Digital Voice with Encryption, Hopping.
Smart Handset 1st unit in world.

Ruth, June 10, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Amateur Satellite Fox-1A

Walaupun hanya untuk jangka masa yang pendek, sekitar 8-15 minit, komunikasi radio amatur menggunakan satelit mempunyai peminat dan saban bulan, banyak satelit berstatus 'cubesat' dilancarkan. Saya sempat mempelajari selok-belok tatacara pengendalian dan perkakas yang diperlukan untuk berkomunikasi menggunakan satelit amatur di lama FB milik rakan-rakan di Indonesia. Link kepada group tersebut, ketik AMSAT-ID.

Banyak informasi yang saya peroleh dari sana, lebih hangat lagi, hujung tahun lepas, ORARI telah menghantar satelit amatur mereka sendiri ke angkasa lepas, iaitu LAPAN-A2. Ramai rakan-rakan yang aktif memintas isyarat dari satelit, dan menterjemahkan telemetri data untuk dihantar semula kepada pemilik satelit untuk tujuan rujukan dan kajian.

Saya ingin bercerita sedikit tentang satelit yang agak baru, dan saya sempat menggunakannya ketika melintasi ruang angkasa Malaysia. Rujukan lengkap asal usul Fox-1A.

prototaip Fox-1A

Sebelum ini saya pernah berkomunikasi menggunakan satelit Saudisat SO-50, sedikit sebanyak membantu dalam mengerjakan satelit Fox-1A ini. Berbeza dengan Saudisat SO-50, Fox-1A menggunakan uplink UHF.

Uplink UHF 435.180MHz (435.170 AOS, 435.192 LOS) Tone 67.0Hz
Downlink VHF 145.980MHz
Mode : FM Voice

Radio yang saya gunakan Yaesu FT-8800, mudah dikawal kerana menpunyai 2 VFO yang boleh dikawal berasingan.

Namun begitu, handy talkie dual-band seperti Baofeng juga boleh digunakan. Cuma saya tak ada handy tersebut. Sebelum ini saya pernah menggunakan handy Kenwood THD-72 (di SO-50) dan Yaesu FT-897 (Fox-1A), tetapi mempunyai 'sedikit' kesukaran dan memerlukan sedikit latihan untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan radio FT-897 tersebut. Namun begitu, ia tetap boleh digunakan.
Antena arrow yagi VHF dan UHF

Dan, aset terpenting dalam pemburuan satelit ialah perisian penjejakan satelit. Saya menggunakan AmsatDroid di tab Samsung saya. Perisian OSCAR juga agak mudah digunakan untuk yang baru berjinak-jinak.

Sebelum memulakan pemburuan, sila tentukan satelit yang ingin digunakan, lokasi anda, dan laluan satelit. Laluan yang baik adalah disekitar 8-15minit, dengan elevation yang melebihan 25 darjah (dilokasi sayalah) Kenalpasti juga dari arah mana satelit itu datang, mungkin hari ini satelit tersebut datang dari utara, esok lusa mungkin dari selatan pula.
AOS ialah terma yang digunakan untuk mewakili (Approach of Signal), satelit mula memasuki kawasan, dan LOS ialah (Lost of Signal) yakni satelit menjauhi kawasan.

Rekod saya berkomunikasi menggunakan satelit Fox-1A bersama rakan saya dari pulau Jawa, Indonesia (1700 ++ km) om Mubin YB3MBN boleh dilihat di Youtube. Kredit untuk om Mubin atas usaha beliau merakamkan perbualan kami.

Antara stesyen lain, yang sempat saya berkerja di satelit amatur ialah

Saudisat SO-50 - HS3ANP Passiri, E21EJC Krissada, HS3LSE Suphican (Thailand)
                          - 9M2YOT Yot (Melaka), 9M2ZAK Zaki (Kulai)

Fox-1A              - YB3MBN Mubin (Pulau Jawa, Indonesia)
                          - 9W2VRD Ashrie (Taiping)

video 3 negara menggunakan satelit radio amatur Saudisat SO-50 pada 23 Ogos 2015, ketik Youtube
waktu ini saya menggunakan handy Kenwood THD-72 (5W)

Sedikit coretan, dan banyak lagi bakal menyusul



Sunday, March 1, 2015

FT-991 Expand TX ( MARS Modification )

This brand new radio was sent to me to do the MARS modification. With this modification, the radio could go on air from 1.8MHz to 30MHz and 50MHz to 54MHz. Before the modification, I'd test on VHF and UHF, seems the radio could TX from 136MHz to 174MHz and 420MHz to 470MHz without any modification. So the MARS modification only affect on 160 and 6 meter band.

A quick 'Google' bringing me to this blog. After understand what am I dealing with, I strip off the new radio. According to the article, it's quite easy access. huh! But after removing the bottom cover, I could not locate the CNTL-UNIT. 

Bottom cover removed, but where is CNTL-UNIT?

Then I remove the top cover as well, and the front panel. After peeking for a while, finally I located the CNTL-UNIT. It's between the front panel and body. I never thought is was there.

Top cover removed, you may left the handle, unscrew it few turns

Top cover out

Gently pry out the front panel 
Gently pull out the small ribbon cable, the big ribbon cable you need to unlock the connector.
My advice is to remove the small ribbon cable here.

Pull out the connector. You may remove the big ribbon here , but not the small ribbon, I find it hard to put it back.
The CNTL -UNIT, remove the rubber.

Unscrew it
Factory setting
New jumper soldered!
Label it!


Re-assemble everything back, and do a hard CPU reset. Press and hold in the [FAST] and [LOCK] keys; hold them in while turning the radio back on. When the radio comes on, you may release these two keys.
1.8MHz to 30MHz TX 

FT-991 you're good to go!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Icom 706MK2G bluetooth CI-V

Testing Icom IC​706​MK2G with bluetooth CI-V.  Control from  android smartphones. But only few options. Hope someone can develop more features.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Projek MyAPRS Ipoh,Perak.22-23 Februari 2014

Setelah sekian lama menanti dan terus dihantui dengan pelbagai masalah dibahagian Ipoh, MyAPRS dengan radikal telah mengambil keputusan segera dan dengan perancangan sesingkat 3 hari sebelum hari pemasangan.Berdasarkan kepada perancangan yang lepas, implementation is the best solution for long term planning. Keputusan drastik telah dicapai, segala kelengkapan dicari, penajaaan dan kutipan derma kilat dengan segera dibuat. Projek ini adalah projek yang paling besar dalam penjelajahan MyAPRS dalam satu trip. Ada 3 projek dalam trip ini, projek pertama ialah pemasangan Digipeater di Pos Slim, JKR Kinta, projek kedua ialah menyelesaikan masalah gateway yang dihadapai oleh abang Saleh Hasan 9W2SHB di Chemor dan projek terakhir ialah pemasangan Digipeater di Gunung Keledang, Ipoh.
(Note MyAPRS = Derma kilat)

Berbekalkan 3 hari, checklist dibuat;
1) Antena CP22E      2 set   MyAPRS, 1 set ditaja oleh 9M2TPT
2) Argentdata TNC   2 set   OT2m 9M2CQC, OT3mini 9W2RUT
3) Radio                    2 set    Motorola M120 9M2CJ, Yaesu FT250R 9M2TPT
4) Coaxial                 2 site   9W2DIE
5) AC Cable              2 site   9W2ALS
6) Connectors            6 pcs    9M2TPT, 9W2CEH
7) Pole                       10ft      9W2CEH
8) Boxes, brackets      ~         9W2AEK,9W2XRX,MyAPRS
9) Eliminator             1 set     MyAPRS DIY

Isi perut selepas tiba di Simpang Pulai
Pok with the red capal

Projek 1 Digipeater Pos Slim, JKR KINTA
Tiba dalam jam 10 malam, setelah melihat keadaan persekitaran dan menilai semua aspek yang perlu dihadapi, keputusan dibuat untuk memasang di dalam kawasan JKR Kinta.

Pok with capal merah again, on site buat bracket welding, drilling,cutting
Terima kasih Asrul 9W2AEK atas kelengkapan
Planning engineer Sungai Buloh in action

oit, kontrol lah perut sikit

masa tengah unloading

akan berada disini untuk satu tempoh masa yang tidak diketahui

time ni kot dia tulis nama kuni

IC mana, IC IC

selipar merah yang sering beraksi

ewah si Arman nih

selipar merah

Our official driver, big sponsor and project photographer

morning view - note the camera inside the white building

closer view
invisible prism reflector for slope monitoring
CP22E at it working condition
another view
9W2XRX involve in slope monitoring with JKR using AX.25 on UHF keeping data running behind the mountain where no cellular reception available.

7.30am cold and windy

morning view, hmm wonder how 9W2ALS put the antenna last night and also wrote down kuni name on it

MyAPRS equipment inside
From left 9W2XRX, 9M2TPT, 9W2CEH, 9W2RUT, 9W2DIE, 9W2AEK
photographer 9W2ALS

 Team MyAPRS Ipoh Project begegas turun untuk berjumpa dengan 9W2SBD dan rakan untuk breakfast mee kicap, dan sejurus selesai, kami dibawa berjalan-jalan di Memory Lane, aka Pasar Karat. Terima kasih, setiap orang balik membawa tong peluru hehee

CEH dengan barang idaman

 Projek 2 Rescue I-gate Chemor, Ipoh

Bagi melengkapan sistem APRS, MyAPRS telah melawat encik Saleh Hasan 9W2SHB di Chemor, beliau menghadapi masalah untuk meyediakan kemudahan gateway.
masing-masing berebut nak update Facebook

Mak Temah tengah layan youtube, dewa sungai dah menyampah

Mak Temah taknak bangun dari kerusi, walaupun gagal beraksi

tengah menggodam PC bang Saleh, pok dah cuak..ini time implement bukan mau experiment

stress dengan Mak Temah, kecewa katanya

I can sleep anywhere! gambar sebelum makan, wak Mid stress dah

Fox View 3 yang akan digantikan dengan peranti lain yang lebih cekap

antena yang digunakan untuk memintas gelombang 144.390MHz

Keseluruhan projek ini, berjaya. Mak Temah berjaya memakan laksa dengan tambahan 3 kali. Bagi menebus kegagalan task yang diberikan semalam di Pos Slim. Terima kasih kepada bang Saleh atas laksa, buah-buahan dan minuman. Jangan lupa jugak siapa yang kencing dan berak kat sana...hehe

Projek 3 Digipeater Gunung Keledang, Ipoh

Gambar projek dan cerita akan diupload kemudian, berikutan masalah kamera yang dihadapi oleh jurugambar rasmi projek, stay tuned (idea pun dah habeh )