Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bulletin Board System or BBS

When you connect the ISS please do not ask for the helpfile in the ISS!!!
It is a big delay for all, and the ISS BBS commands are here

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board System
Ver 1.50 112798 Bytes free



W(rite) = Type W (callsign) to begin message entering.
Subject: = Header(max 30 characters) are entered after the prompt: "Subject:".
Ending the header with a carriage return
Message: = Message are entered after the prompt: "Message:".
Ending each line with
You terminate with either a
/EX or
to the indicate end of your message.
B(ye) = Type B
F(ile) = Type F
to show the latest 20 messages.
L(ist) = Type L
to show the all messages.
M(ine) = Type M
to show latest 20 messages (to or from you).
Subsequent F or M command will show next 20 active messages.
R(ead) = Type R n
to show the number n message.
A(bort) = Type A
to Abort.
J = Type J to show connect stations.
K(ill) = Type K n
to delete the number n message (only to or from you).
H(elp)or ?= Type H
or ? to display this.

= your Enter button (on your keyboard!).
= hold the Ctrl button down, and press the Z button down

will try this BBS system later..quite new to this BBS..please read all about this here.

9W2YON via RS0ISS-4

Work with this bird again just now,good path only using my little handy (again) 5 watt output and super 'chepo' Slim Jim,manage to get few beacon via ISS...

9W2YON Base..heard via RS0ISS-4

APRS/BBS ON....oh, it's time to learn how to use this thing

73 de 9w2rut

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Copy V88KAI via RS0ISS-4

Sempat lagi menyelitkan jadual laluan ISS pada pagi ini.Dan mendatangkan hasil...9W2AZV boleh copy signal aku..terkejut aku..Aku tak tahu pun dia monitor ISS pagi ini.Dan beberapa beacon dari ISS boleh aku terima.Ini pula hasil 'racun-racun' oleh 9W6BOY yang berkesan..he..he

V88KAI via ISS thru gateway aku..

aku via ISS thru V88KAI Gateway

bila mau cuba???

Sunday, August 23, 2009

9W6BOY heard via ISS

Cubaan pertama 2 malam lepas gagal,namun berkat kegigihan yang melampau(he..he) mendatangkan hasil yang berbaloi buat Pak Boy.Namanya sudah terpalit di antena dan juga radio Kenwood D700 di ISS.


berjaya dan terus berjaya Pak Boy..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

QRP Digipeater now running in Ampang

Just arrive from Ampang..fixing a QRP Digipeater on 16th floor apartment roof top.Quite tough job,but manage to finish it in 6 hours.With a nice window facing Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Besi hopefully this will fill a gap for certain place.
Running only on old Yaesu handy,output power below than 5 watt.Also equiped with 2 channel DTMF controller,to make it compatible with new MCMC Rules and Regulations.So we can turn it on or off only via our DTMF keypad on handy or mobile rig.
Thanks to 9W2LL for seeking out this location.Nice view,128 metres above sea level..and the most important thing is no QRM! Not a single TV antenna or Astro dish on top of it. Also NO telecommunication dish for cellular phone..just a clean airwaves there...
Here's some photos..will upload it more..enjoy!!

can you locate this QRP digipeater?

should we put it here?

Yaesu and Alinco..power regulators and fan of course..

homebrew by 9W2LL..Digipeater and DTMF Controller 2 channel

all in one box..with switching type power supply
..still got space for other gadget..he..he

view from 128 meters above sea level ..can you locate Bukit Lanjan?

shit..internet damm slow..4-5 time try to upload the pictures..but not succeed!
But enjoy the pictures here
73 de 9w2rut

Thursday, August 20, 2009

hasil buruan tadi..

ni hasil sebentar tadi..boleh terima signal dari Indonesia dengan baik sekali..emmmm bila mau buka repeater mode ni..boleh la layan qso 5-10 minit via ISS

ok selamat mencuba
73 dari 9w2rut

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

APRS Symbol

Just a quick reference,if you don't want to be searching around for APRS is

this is what you should key in..refer the below table

primary table symbol ( / )

secondary table symbol ( \ )

The cross-hair symbols occupy symbol slots that have not yet been assigned.

you can read all about it here..
have fun..happy APRSing..
73 de 9W2RUT

Friday, August 14, 2009

ISS during SSTV mode...

Ni gambar lama..masa ISS hidupkan balik SSTV Mode..baru terjumpa balik gambar ini..jadi untuk tatapan rakan-rakan..diterima menggunakan handy sahaja..antena super duper Slim Jim..
Kalau tak silap..masa itu ramai-ramai main SSTV ni,termasuk 9W2PD,9M2CJ dan 9W2LL..he..he..
Release tension sekejap..dok kat APRS je..sekali sekala SSTV la pulak..

kurang jelas...

yang ni nampak ok..

ok 73 de 9w2rut

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

USB Keyboard to Serial..for TT4 Use

for those who interested to hook up their USB keyboard to Tinytrak4..use this conversation layout.
Quite simple..the pinout is on the Tinytrak4 side...not the keyboard side!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Configuring your APRS Tracker (EZTRak Version)

After you have all equipment ready...
here is the list..just in case you drop one..

1) APRS Tracker loaded with EZTrak Firmware (Byonics,FoxTrak or homebrew type)
2) A power cable (cable that you use to power up your tracker)
3) A Null modem cable (commercial type of "back yard contruction"
4) A laptop or PC with COM port (much prefer PC)
alternative stuff - please consider also!
5) A USB to Serial Convertor [ONLY for laptop/PC which does't come with COM port]
6) cofffe or case you have a trouble with you COM port
7) handphone or telephone (to call for help)

also other stuffs..power supply and anything else that i fail to meantion here.

Step by step
1) Power up you tracker,hook it to PC/Laptop ( use the null modem,connect to tracker-GPS side)
2) Run the EZTrak Configuration will search for port COM port...
3) IF succes it will display the previous setting..
4) Make change to a field that you want..
5) Once you put in you changes ,it will take effect immidietly...
6) Click Get Config to double check the changes that you make.
7) Cycle power to run the new setting..

You are DONE!

Thank you very much...

73 de 9W2RUT (my cell +6016 2700 899)

How to do this....

Hi, it seem that many hams are getting interested in this APRS.And many of them homebrewing their tracker,some of them may order it from the famous Byonics,FoxDelta and also Argentdata..

Ok..make it short..for those who is running on EZ Trak firmware which I loaded on PIC16F628A ( also can be loaded on PIC16F648A,bit expensive) here is how to edit or change the setting. BUT remember this, DO THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK!!! Certain PC/Laptop may not work! Alternatively you also can use the "USB to Serial convertor" but,also not guarantee it will 100% work...mine is working.

Here is where you should start....

Step 1 - download the Microsoft Windows
Step 2 - download this big (approx 197Mb) Microsoft .Net Framework
Step 3 - download the EZ Trak Configuration

After finished..install the Microsoft Windows Installer (certain SP may does't require this) then install the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 then lastly install the EZ Trak Configuration Utility.

Then you are done on software on the hardware site..

First to change you callsign,SSID,proportional path,to turn off or on the smart beacon,to adjust the smart beacon or to edit he beacon comment you will need this Null Modem Adaptor....
You can buy it on computer shop or you may construct it very simple
All image are copied from 100watts forum..thank you!


2 units of DB9 (Female), screws and nuts

mount it like this..

the simple null layout


to make it more beautiful..add this

commercial type ..he..he also can copy..same!

full null layout..

altenatively you may use a longer wire..just in case you have limited space of your PC's back..

Then,you are ready to make a changes of your tracker..

73 de 9w2rut

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Baru sebentar tadi,beroleh satu lagi kejayaan,menggunakan handy Kenwood TH-255A,antena Slim Jim,output power 5 watt,satu beacon dari base staion telah mengenai RS0ISS-3 dan melalui Satellite Gateway milik Pak Key (9W2KEY).

Mulanya tidak sengaja,termonitor UI-View 32 dan ternampak base 9W2KEY di atas peta,jadi secara mudahnya,kalau ada Pak Key di UI-VIEW, itu tandanya ISS nak lalu..he..he
Dan ini antara contoh,jika beacon anda men'gena' ISS.. semak dilaman ini,

dan ini pula hasil Byonics Tinytrak4 milik 9W2PD yang digunkan untuk tujuan kajian dan latihan
boleh mengekod dan mendekod paket serta berkeupayaan untuk menerima mesej dan menghantar mesej dengan menggunakan LCD dan keyboard PC..

sebelum ISS sampai..sesi mesej bersama Hamid

ISS atas kepala,masa untuk TX..5watt pun 5 watt la..

ahaaa.....beacon dari ISS boleh diterima..masa untuk TX lebih kerap..he..he

dan...tu dia,macam selalunya, 9W2KEY ISS Award Achievement Holder

dan..lagi sekali

hmmm.dari Indonesia pun ada..he..callsign yang selalunya dapat!

dan yang ini juga.....

menarik..menarik...jadi anda semua bila lagi? Takkan nak ham Malaysia saja dengar callsign anda...tak perlu setup HF......VHF saja,takkan ada beban lagi..he..he takde alasan dah..

73 de 9W2RUT

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brunei is now APRS...

Thank you for the support,V88KAI is now available on APRS..well done!
Hopefully more station will grow....