Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bulletin Board System or BBS

When you connect the ISS please do not ask for the helpfile in the ISS!!!
It is a big delay for all, and the ISS BBS commands are here

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board System
Ver 1.50 112798 Bytes free



W(rite) = Type W (callsign) to begin message entering.
Subject: = Header(max 30 characters) are entered after the prompt: "Subject:".
Ending the header with a carriage return
Message: = Message are entered after the prompt: "Message:".
Ending each line with
You terminate with either a
/EX or
to the indicate end of your message.
B(ye) = Type B
F(ile) = Type F
to show the latest 20 messages.
L(ist) = Type L
to show the all messages.
M(ine) = Type M
to show latest 20 messages (to or from you).
Subsequent F or M command will show next 20 active messages.
R(ead) = Type R n
to show the number n message.
A(bort) = Type A
to Abort.
J = Type J to show connect stations.
K(ill) = Type K n
to delete the number n message (only to or from you).
H(elp)or ?= Type H
or ? to display this.

= your Enter button (on your keyboard!).
= hold the Ctrl button down, and press the Z button down

will try this BBS system later..quite new to this BBS..please read all about this here.

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