Monday, August 10, 2009

Configuring your APRS Tracker (EZTRak Version)

After you have all equipment ready...
here is the list..just in case you drop one..

1) APRS Tracker loaded with EZTrak Firmware (Byonics,FoxTrak or homebrew type)
2) A power cable (cable that you use to power up your tracker)
3) A Null modem cable (commercial type of "back yard contruction"
4) A laptop or PC with COM port (much prefer PC)
alternative stuff - please consider also!
5) A USB to Serial Convertor [ONLY for laptop/PC which does't come with COM port]
6) cofffe or case you have a trouble with you COM port
7) handphone or telephone (to call for help)

also other stuffs..power supply and anything else that i fail to meantion here.

Step by step
1) Power up you tracker,hook it to PC/Laptop ( use the null modem,connect to tracker-GPS side)
2) Run the EZTrak Configuration will search for port COM port...
3) IF succes it will display the previous setting..
4) Make change to a field that you want..
5) Once you put in you changes ,it will take effect immidietly...
6) Click Get Config to double check the changes that you make.
7) Cycle power to run the new setting..

You are DONE!

Thank you very much...

73 de 9W2RUT (my cell +6016 2700 899)

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