Monday, August 10, 2009

How to do this....

Hi, it seem that many hams are getting interested in this APRS.And many of them homebrewing their tracker,some of them may order it from the famous Byonics,FoxDelta and also Argentdata..

Ok..make it short..for those who is running on EZ Trak firmware which I loaded on PIC16F628A ( also can be loaded on PIC16F648A,bit expensive) here is how to edit or change the setting. BUT remember this, DO THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK!!! Certain PC/Laptop may not work! Alternatively you also can use the "USB to Serial convertor" but,also not guarantee it will 100% work...mine is working.

Here is where you should start....

Step 1 - download the Microsoft Windows
Step 2 - download this big (approx 197Mb) Microsoft .Net Framework
Step 3 - download the EZ Trak Configuration

After finished..install the Microsoft Windows Installer (certain SP may does't require this) then install the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 then lastly install the EZ Trak Configuration Utility.

Then you are done on software on the hardware site..

First to change you callsign,SSID,proportional path,to turn off or on the smart beacon,to adjust the smart beacon or to edit he beacon comment you will need this Null Modem Adaptor....
You can buy it on computer shop or you may construct it very simple
All image are copied from 100watts forum..thank you!


2 units of DB9 (Female), screws and nuts

mount it like this..

the simple null layout


to make it more beautiful..add this

commercial type ..he..he also can copy..same!

full null layout..

altenatively you may use a longer wire..just in case you have limited space of your PC's back..

Then,you are ready to make a changes of your tracker..

73 de 9w2rut

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