Saturday, August 22, 2009

QRP Digipeater now running in Ampang

Just arrive from Ampang..fixing a QRP Digipeater on 16th floor apartment roof top.Quite tough job,but manage to finish it in 6 hours.With a nice window facing Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Besi hopefully this will fill a gap for certain place.
Running only on old Yaesu handy,output power below than 5 watt.Also equiped with 2 channel DTMF controller,to make it compatible with new MCMC Rules and Regulations.So we can turn it on or off only via our DTMF keypad on handy or mobile rig.
Thanks to 9W2LL for seeking out this location.Nice view,128 metres above sea level..and the most important thing is no QRM! Not a single TV antenna or Astro dish on top of it. Also NO telecommunication dish for cellular phone..just a clean airwaves there...
Here's some photos..will upload it more..enjoy!!

can you locate this QRP digipeater?

should we put it here?

Yaesu and Alinco..power regulators and fan of course..

homebrew by 9W2LL..Digipeater and DTMF Controller 2 channel

all in one box..with switching type power supply
..still got space for other gadget..he..he

view from 128 meters above sea level ..can you locate Bukit Lanjan?

shit..internet damm slow..4-5 time try to upload the pictures..but not succeed!
But enjoy the pictures here
73 de 9w2rut

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