Monday, September 28, 2009

145.825Mhz is now more buzy..

Few minutes ago,work again wit this bird, ISS..trying luck on BBS,but only half way through...couldn't trigger the bird when I got a reply..damm..must use my rig after this.Now I'm only running on my handy with 5watt output through Slim Jim (don't lough!). And also, need to consider put the Cushchraft ARX2B Ringo Ranger II on my roof top.This wonderful antenna given by 9W2KDN.Must treat him a 'kambing soup' after this.. Will update the progress later on..
A shot of today activities..

73 de 9w2rut


9W2TPT said...

Bro .. beli itu arrow antenna la .. lepas tu letak itu rotor yg boleh kalih kiri kanan atas bawah .. muhaa..haa..

APRS said...

ko beli dulu la..aku salin nanti