Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Receive this GPS just now from 9M2CJ.This GPS is from Australia and belong to our senior ham, Haji Rashid or well known as 9M2RS. I was surprise to see the real size of it,but we as 'hams' don't care so much about sizes,shapes and outlook.As long as it can work and give us satisfactory as we need, that is really good enough..

Factory fitted with RJ45 connector,to make it more compatible with our use,and with a permission of the owner (of course),i cut it.I connect it to DB9 Female connector..what i realize from this GPS is,it has 2 DATA Input and 2 DATA Output..wahh..this really good! One is primary and the other one is secondary....hmmm..Maybe can be use for Garmin Mobile PC while the other one is feeding data to our tracker....So we can't get lost anymore..ha..ha
Enjoy the pictures ..


RJ45, bye-bye...chop it off! (before)

bye-bye (after)

solder it to DB9 Female

Fitted with casing... Ready to test

yes..and it working as i hope! Green LED means GPS Data available

reference from our 'sifu' JA1OGS or VK4GO..

this is where this GPS from...GARMIN
For those who is interested, you should look for friends or relatives in Australia to buy it for you.
Read the Term and Conditions..

73 de 9w2rut..enjoy APRS

Update..03 Sept.2009 1803hrs..
This is how it perform..just nice!


~ PiDOT ~ said...

berape kos gps tue termasuk kos penghantaran dlm nilai mata wang kita?

APRS said...

semua bawah RM100, TAPI mamat ni tak jual luar daripada Australia, jadi kena surah kawan/saudara kat sana tolong belikan..dan pos ke Malaysia

9W2TPT said...

Try check kat ebay .. probably ada ..