Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Simplex Repeater...simplex repeater...teeet

Have you ever work with simplex repeater before?If not, try to work with it...quite fun,hearing your own voice being repeated.This nice Simplex Repeater build by my friend, Ong 9W2LL. Very nice design and working well.The V17 Group also own a unit like this.

work with icom v82,others handy also can

close Nokia N70 camera..

another view..

opss.............this is new family member in our APRS Team..Another QRP Digipeater. Puxing PX-777 [ Sponsored by Hamid 9W2TPT ] working with Foxdigi, homebrew version by 9W2LL..
Been running well for few days at my salmite, waiting to be put a the exact location by this week (hopefully)..

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