Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back again with support..

There is no turning point now, we should proceed with this thing.In the mean time, we will try to approach MCMC. To make sure, this kind of thing will not happen anymore. Will try to add the F1D and F2D on our Classes of Emission. And we also consider to put in the D-Star mode.

Well gentlemen, we should realize ( for those who didn't) technology is growing day by day.What a pity for us in Malaysia...But, after all this might be a new move to new era.

Ham radio is all about doing experimenting, why should we stop then? As long as we follow the Region 3 band plan and 'not interfere' the others.

That's all I want to say....after discussion with 9M2CJ,9W2LL,9W2TPT,9W2DIE,9W2KDN and 9W2LKC......we will 'fight' for this.

best regards from 9w2rut

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