Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's up...

Hi all, it been a while I'm not blogging.Got few others thing to do,finishing my experimental tracker as well as Negeri Sembilan Digipeater.Quite confusing,run on Tinytrak4..gone through the manual for many times, ut still not able to solve it..will 'google' around again..........
In the mean time,found few thing that interesting...ordered it on 23 November 2009, a sudden..unexpected the 'box' arrive on 30 November 2009.Surprise me...because I didn't make a payment yet! Anyway to Khun Phot, thank you very much and I'm expecting for your account details.
An original version of EZTrak..from my friend in Thailand..
Full set of EZTrak kit plus box..nice!

surprise me........

the package inside the box


double layer PCB,PIC16F648..etc..etc

opss..the white box, neat and nice.

I took almost an hour to fully complete the soldering part.And took another 30 minute to 'drilling' the box.Look nice when completed..

As works well..thanks Khun Phot..

73 de 9w2rut

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Jon Che Ya said...

got the same kit from paul via jeff (9w2woc) it work very well.. nice item..