Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tinytrak4 with LCD Display + keyboard

compact case...

It been a while,since the last posting, wow almost four months.Been busy actually,and didn't have enough time.Also not in the mood to post anything..
A few project is running actually,Open WRT on Linksys, thanks to 9M2CJ and 9W2TPT.I manage to pair it with Tinytrak4, and it work very well.Also our 'sifu' manage to hack Asus router as well, belong to 9W2DIE.
Well a few of us also running on Open WRT like 9M2CJ and 9W2MNR (sorry Nabil, 98% complete).Many thanks to 9W2TPT, our hacker...But my unit also not running yet, due to my 'laziness'.

with my tiny keyboard, also another type (gulung version)

close up to display, the blue display from Byonics is in drawer

2 DB9 port and USB port for keyboard.

Not yet in writing mood....I don't know why.Maybe due to lost of all my document in my pc..shit!

That all for now 73 de 9W2RUT

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