Monday, June 28, 2010

Power Supply Project by 9W2TTC

coffee by 9W2WF..thanks it keep our eyes open

Last Sunday 27 June 2010, few of us gathered at Mares Club House to join this activity.To build a linear power supply.Class was conducted by Mr.Mansor @ 9W2TTC.In this class we will learn exactly from the 3 pin plug 240AC to the final output of 13.8V that will be feed to our equipment.

Mr.Mansor on action...

this is the best circuit..

the "ingredients" for our soup...fresh and selected items only

heat sink banks from junkyard..

Even though the class only going on for few hours, but it good for me, I can sharpen my skill again. Well it been almost 11 years since I left my technical school (Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kulim).Mr Mansor elaborate us very detail of each and usage of every component. Why it should be this value and rating. ( I know why it burnt!)

DAIWA power supply

DAIWA factory claim 30A..after calculations....auchhh..< 20A

rectifier diode....Motorola tu!

Mallory...RM180...woooowww bigger than cup

The block diagram of the power supply now is in our head. For upcoming classes, there should be more fun...seeing from all the belongings of Mr.Mansor I could not imagine the condition of his base. I only could imagine my base...(messy..very messy)

from previous project belong to 9W2UIA

need a modification...add transistors, capacitors..etc..
Well folk, if you are interested in electronics..make a pit stop at Mares Club House every forth week of Sunday monthly.

Compaq? with terminal?

what..with ampere gauge and voltmeter?

ohh...finally the content..Mr.Masor still maintain the floppy drive..wonder why?
for logging?

So. see you guys on next class...

p/s APRS on ISS is back, give them a visit at 145.825
p/s anyone would like to joint this project can email to me