Sunday, July 18, 2010

Packet Mode on ISS is back

Greeting fellow friends..

It been a while the packet mode on ISS is switch off.Maybe they are busy with their task..
A couple week ago, it been switch on, that is great news for many of us (ISS hunter).I've been trying to work several times since it back over the air during night time,due to better equipment and antenna. I'm also try to work from my portable (my work place), but no luck yet!

Ahh..a message from Indonesian station pop up just now...
One of the stations that I copy over the ISS

thank you sir, all the best!

this also one of the stations that I could gate in

my own station, digipeated by ISS

My current setup Icom 706 MK2Gburst 50W, running on 12V 7Ah x 2 battery,Cushcraft ARX2B.Interface, homebrew (named it RutBlaster..he.he)

Also will try the IC-910H soon..not mine!!

where are the Malaysian stations?

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