Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pride and joy working over ISS

Too many things to consider,and many more to overcome...that's why my blog is not updated! Too many projects and plans in the minds,but most of it..only half way through...I've try to build a simple and inexpensive APRS 1200baud decoder,but until luck yet.
Luckily I got a call from Dex 9W2DTR, and he is very kind to sell me one of his collections of MX614P..he..he.. so the project will be restart once the MX614P in my hand.

So,that's one of the causes..well now I'm quite free during night,and I check the ISS schedule and come out with very nice pass during the night.So once again, I hook the interface to radio..and wait for ISS. It's been a long time...
Here's the result on ARISS website..

Day 1

Day 2

you can sent short EMAIL from RF to ISS to any recipients..well in this case...few unlucky guys..

my position... note the path

and once it digipeated by ISS...received by Thailand ham and feed to APRS server...

What else hobby give you opportunity to do thing like this?

And another pass is coming in 9 minutes..see you all..good luck .73

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