Friday, January 3, 2014

RMS Packet

Just finish setup the Winlink2000 RMS Packet sysop, after few problem, finally it up and running.
I'd try sent a few emails to my account ( hehe...sound stupid) and I manage to get the email in and out through RF. Currently it running on 144.390MHz same as Malaysia APRS frequency. This is due to limitations on my antenna, radio and TNC.

My current setup is using a single band VHF handy, connect to Tinytrak4 (as TNC), split the connection to 2 port (Port A 19200bps - KISS UiView 32 Gateway), (Port B 19200bps- KISS RMS Packet) on 2 serial port of PC. So I could fully utilize the ports on Tinytrak4 and saving on investing to put another radio and antenna.

It will be running temporary on VHF 144.390MHz, until I get a proper UHF radio, antenna and TNC. Thinking of running it on 9600bps, since it quite heavy to carry even 40kb of data over 1200bps. (took me about 4 minutes plus)

To use the winlink, please create your own account by downloading the RMS Express program, run it, Select 'Telnet WL2K', Open Sesion, Connect...the server will create an account eg;

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