Tuesday, February 4, 2014

9W2NHE-3 Shutdown

On January 14 2014, 9W2NHE-3 one of the earlier digipeater in Kuala Lumpur or in Malaysia has been shutdown.
This digipeater was installed on October 24 2009 by 9W2LL 9W2TLB 9W2WDH 9M2ADI 9W2CIA 9W2BDE and the late 9W2NHE.
Norhisam 9W2NHE involved in motorcycle accident few years back and pass away. From that day we have try to find a way to get in bring the equipment down, as the building also had been sold to new owner.
Just on the right day, 9M2PRO text me if I'm available to assist him and bring down the equipment, and I say yes. We meet up around 1430hours and get up and disassemble everything.
9W2HH Hamdan also assist us on that day. Within 30 minutes everything settled.

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