Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bendix/King KX 99

I got the unit from local guys selling it for cheap price, but without battery, only empty battery case. But it still worth something.
Once power up the unit, it could receive and transmit (opps) Not sure if it still transmitting 1.5Watts, the most full power it can go. Will try to borrow Diamond SX200 to test it out soon.
After sometimes, it couldn't speak out. Nothing from speaker. Swicth off and on again...then it back yo normal. Something wrong! I tear up the unit, and managed to get to the problem.
It's a dry joint on yellow capacitor, valued 100mF 16V ELNA, I desolder it, check if the trace is problem. Trace look fine, test the capacitor, also fine. Solder the capacitor back, power up and works as expected!
Reassemble the unit...start to enjoy airband without interruption although I also own IC 2200H in the shack.

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