Sunday, February 16, 2014

Opentracker1+ with Bluetooth

The idea of using bluetooth come around year back, during that time I've not enough resource to get into, especially to get a bluetooh module. Lukily my friend VX, 9W2VXP managed to get it from China for much cheaper price. The first project is to make CAT for Yaesu FT-8x7 series, after trying few type, at last we managed to find the proper one.

The CAT bluetooth project is success, we manage to sold few unit to local hams due to their interest, and none of them having problem using it over android smartphones. It's really quite fun experiment with this.
To bring it more fun, I did find it also manage to pair with few TNC that have capabilities to do KISS mode. My first attemp is using it on Byonics Tinytrak4, the TT4 currently running as TNC for my Igate 24/7, as also RMS Server on Packet Mode.As TT4 capable to splice to dual port using single radio, I would like to fully utilize it.

I disconnect the Port B (RMS use) and hook it to TTL-232 level convertor and to bluetooth module, run Aprsdroid, set up the bluetooth tnc, fill in few parameters, got it running. At first I'm running on non OSM version of aprsdroid, after trying the OSM version, it much more suite me, because the smart phone that I'm using for expement is not suscribe to data plan. It may run without data plan, as pre loaded map also embedd into it.

The second attemp is to us Opentracker1+, and nothing change to my previous setup, I just need to load the OT1+ with 9600 KISS firmware, and everything works as expected.Today I manage to get it run on the road, travelling 30km+ and I may need to adjust the smart beacon menu.

It's another cheap method instead of buying TMD710 or FTM400, hehe

Here is the track for today,and lower pictures during my test in the house.

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