Friday, June 17, 2016

9M2RDX, respectable man...

It was a great lost to our ham community in Malaysia, on June 12, 2016, Mohd Rizal Mahmud 9M2RDX who's also KC3DQS  has passed away. He was well known in Malaysian ham radio community and as well as neighboring country. In his life, he contribute a lot to the scout activities, ham radio events and charity works.

I knew him since 2008, his callsign during that time is 9W2RZL, our first outing is ILLW                   (International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend). I just started the hobby, and waiting for my RAE result during that time. We learnt a lot of things, although Rizal is few years ahead in this hobby from me, he always willing to teach me about ham radio. He made a write up about the event,  I'm in the white shirt.

We become closer, meet up quite regularly, although his base station is about 90miles  (2 hours driving ) from Kuala Lumpur, I seen him a lot in any ham radio or scout activities if it's held in Kuala Lumpur. The following years, there's a lot of ham radio activities around the Malaysia, if I can remember we also went to Kuala Kubu Baru for outing. In 2013 once again we gather up and make a historical journey to the One Fathom Bank's Lighthouse in the middle Straits of Mallaca. We gained a lot of experiences and memories, my buddy Hans (9W2SBD/ K3HAN) made a great video about our trip. And again, I'm sitting next to him in the video.

His involvement to ham radio is just on on HF, we have a special interest group in Malaysia, called MyAPRS Group. We're small but strong community, Rizal also give us a good support. His contributions to MyAPRS is a lot, not just ringgits and cents, but also involving setting up his own      Internet Gateway for APRS and fill-in digipeater in his area. MyAPRS made few activities, and he's among the first to get registered.

He's also our (9M2SE) QSL manager. He handled the incoming and outgoing QSL cards for the team. he never ask for any returns or money. He spends his time accordingly to handle the task, and never complaint.

Me and Rizal also belong to the 9M2M contest station in Arau, lead by Harry (9M2GET). We are group of 13 crew members, 9M2GET, 9M2OUT, 9M2SYA, 9M2AGC, 9M2NOH, 9M2RDX, 9M2ZAK, 9M2MDX, 9W2SBL, 9W2SBD, 9W2AHU, my self and latest addition 9M2PUL.
Rizal also set up his own DX-pedition team especially to promote the ham radio activities among the locals in his area. His team, made few expeditions in promoting the islands in Pahang.

Rizal, in my perspective view is, a person in his life never say no, and very humble, nicely spoken, easy to get along, such a helpful, and a great friend to have. In his life, he documented well his involvement in ham radio in to his blog. Please go through the journey of his life, and you'll be amazed of what he contributed to.

We've a lost a great friend, a father, a husband, a scout, a DXer, a ham radio operator, a family of 9M2M. You'll always be in our hearts and thoughts. May your soul rest in peace, Rizal.

Ham radio operators around the world share their thought in our 9M2SE page.

Piju 9M2PJU made a memorable video of Rizal's life.

From the


STEPHEN: Hams in Malaysia associate the callsign 9M2RDX with a top DXer, a mentor, a friend. This month, however, he became a Silent Key. Here's Newsline's Jason Daniels, VK2LAW, with more.

JASON's REPORT: Members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters Society are grieving the loss of Mohd Rizal Mahmud, 9M2RDX, who became a Silent Key on the 12th of June in a Malaysian hospital. The award-winning DXer was a noted contester and beloved Elmer who was also active in Scouting. Since becoming licensed in 2006, he filled his life with amateur-radio activities.

His friend, Piju 9M2PJU, who notified Amateur Radio Newsline of Rizal's death, described him as QUOTE "a great man, down to earth, humble. A motivated and dedicated QSL manager. Also a Scout leader. A great motivator [who] used to hold ham radio introduction classes and [was] involved in emergency communications. He helped his local ham radio community and also our national ham radio club." 

A hospital medical assistant by profession, he was described by his friend Piju as a "kind and helpful guy." As seen on his profile page on QRZ, he was also unfliching in his love of amateur radio. The very bottom of his biography page displays this sentiment: "Life is simple. Eat. Sleep. DX." 

For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Jason Daniels, VK2LAW. 


Ridzuan 9M2VDX said...

Nice write up. Thanks ruth

Ridzuan 9M2VDX said...

Nice write up. Thanks ruth

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