Friday, June 10, 2016

From hobby become paid job

Barrett 2050 in Asajaya, Sarawak during my trip.

It's almost a year since I leave my previous job as automotive and wiring repairer and hop into this job. It's like a dream comes true, even though leaving the previous job is quite hard, but I managed to deal with it.

The company, Tactical Communications Sdn,Bhd. (Tacticom) is specialized in HF communications in this country. Tacticom was established in 2009 and mainly focusing on HF communication for government and also commercial sector. We supply and maintaining the Malaysian Civil Defense (JPAM) on HF communication assets, Malaysian Airlines and Malindo Airlines for their respective flight management HF communications. If you been in KLIA, have a look at the MAS Flight Management Building (FMB), there's a 60 foot tower with huge log periodic antenna boosting around 1kW.

While for the JPAM, their assets is throughout Malaysia, I've visited all the base stations, checking their mobiles set and manpacks to ensure it is in good and running condition. The JPAM is using Barrett 2050 for their base and mobile (with roof rack loop antenna), and for manpacks they were using Barrett 2040 and PRC 2090.

I'll look for time to write down about this radio, my journeys and as well as other products that I handle and get a chance to play around with. There's a big different between amateurs, commercial and military radios although the basic principal is the same.

CODAN 2110m Full Options
Digital Voice with Encryption, Hopping.
Smart Handset 1st unit in world.

Ruth, June 10, 2016

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