Tuesday, September 12, 2017

FT-817 Li-PO

Recently I bought a second hand Yaesu FT817ND for good price. The unit still in good condition, cosmetic and performance. Few minor things is, no handmic supplied and no DC charger supplied. Not a big deal at all, after all I've been eyeing for this QRP rig years ago.

I thought the radio internally fitted with standard FNB-72 NiCD 9.6V 1000mAh battery, until I decided to check it before charging it with homemade cable. Surprisingly the previous owner changed the standard battery with after market battery, it's Wincamp WLB-817s Lithium Polymer 12V 3000mAh.

As for my little knowledge, LiPo battery required a special charger and the internally build in charger in FT817ND wouldn't handle the charging nicely. It can charge ( I tried it twice ) but I'm not pretty happy with the result. (Maybe just a bad feeling 😋)

Then I 'Googled' around Ebay and find out the manufacturer do sell the cover for charging, but I still need a suitable AC adaptor for it. While digging around, I find out that with my little skill I may built a simple port and switch for charging purpose.

The only thing prevented me during that time is to find a suitable connector ( male and female ), I don't want to cut the original wiring. Luckily my friend 9M2OOO visit the Japan Ham Fair and with his help, he help me to bought the pre-made cable with connector. My project is ON again!

Spend an evening drilling the holes and glued the connector and switch, and putting is together for first charging from bottom cover. Let's pray it won't smoke out! 😂😂😂😂

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